Lengths of Chains

Helen Ficalora chains come in a variety of lengths:

- 16" - This is our most popular and shortest chain. It's perfect for petite women. It rests higher on your neck. It is not a choker, but it's the closest length we have to it. 

- 18" - This is our second most popular chain. This length is very versatile and works well for most women. It typically lays just above your chest depending on your frame.

- 20" - This length works great for laying necklaces. You can wear a 16" and 20" for the perfect combination.

- 24" - This length rests on your chest.

- 30" - This length rests below your chest.

- 36" - This is our longest chain. This is also a great length for layering different chains. It lays closer to you waistline. 


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