Cleaning Bracelets


Fine jewelry can be difficult to clean. If you follow the wrong cleaning process, you run the risk of damaging your jewelry permanently. A gold bracelet, for example, should not be cleaned the same way as a silver bracelet. If you do not clean your gold bracelet, it can become dingy and lose a lot of its luster and charm. To keep it sparkling and looking like new, follow the correct process for cleaning gold jewelry.

  • Fill a bowl with warm water. Make sure your gold bracelet will fit inside the bowl.

  • Add a few drops of a mild, fragrance-free dishwashing liquid to the bowl and mix it around to create suds.

  • Place your gold bracelet inside the bowl and scrub it gently with a soft cloth. If there is noticeable tarnish on the bracelet, you can use a soft toothbrush.

  • Rinse the gold bracelet with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth. Do not use paper towels, because paper products can scratch gold. Let your bracelet sit overnight to ensure that it's completely dry.

  • Polish the bracelet with a jewelry polishing cloth using straight motions, rather than circular.          


Never use abrasive cleaners, such as baking soda, on your gold bracelet. This could scratch the surface.

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A piece of silver jewelry, glistening against the skin and showing off gemstones or charms, is a style statement. Keeping all silver jewelry clean is not difficult, but a strict regimen must be followed to prevent the buildup of tarnish. Silver bracelets, because of their exposure when worn, suffer more damage than other jewelry and require more care and attention than other pieces. The more you wear your silver bracelet, the less cleaning it requires. 

A silver bracelet that isn't worn often may display tarnish buildup, but don't let that prevent you from wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry. Start by dipping the bracelet in a bath of warm water and a non-acidic dishwashing soap. Wipe with a clean microfiberor terry towel. Finish by gently rubbing a silver cloth over any tarnish that remains. Tarnish should disappear. If the bracelet contains gemstones, this is the most gentle way to clean the piece without damaging the stones.

If your silver bracelet doesn't contain embedded stones, lay a piece of aluminum foil, dull-side down, in the sink. Fill it with warm water and 1 teaspoon of powdered laundry detergent. Lay the bracelet on the foil, and wait as the tarnish reacts chemically with the aluminum. The bracelet should be clean within minutes.

Silver bracelets are delicate, and the metal is soft. Store-bought commercial cleansers and pastes can be abrasive, damaging the piece if overused. A gentle cleansing with a very soft paste may be enough to remove built-up tarnish, but avoid applying it with a brush or anything that scratches the surface. Always rinse well and dry thoroughlyafter using a commercial cleanser.

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