Caring for Hoop Earrings

Gold is a durable and precious metal that requires gentle care and periodic cleaning. Because pure gold is soft and malleable, jewelers combine it with a mixture of different alloys to strengthen and prepare it for wear. Fashionable in either white or yellow gold, hoop earrings are one of the most common forms of gold jewelry. These earrings are easily prone to physical damage, but providing them with proper care maintains their luster and beauty for a lifetime. 

Clean the Earrings 

Gold hoop earrings require frequent cleaning. Coming into contact with body oils, makeup, dirt, and perspiration causes the earrings to become dull over time. There are different cleaning techniques available that preserve the quality of the gold. 

Using Mild soap and Warm Water 

This technique uses a soapy solution by mixing mild, non-phosphate, liquid dish detergent and warm water. Following these steps makes it easy to clean gold earrings at home. 

· Mix warm water with 3 drops of dish detergent 

  • Add gold hoop earrings 
  • Gently move them around 
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove extra debris 
  • Rinse in warm water 
  • Gently dry with a soft cloth 

It is important to dry the earrings with the cloth and not to let them air-dry. Air-drying results in water stains on the earrings, which cause further damage to the gold. 

Professional polishing removes scratches and provides an intense polish to gold earrings. Jewelers use abrasive papers to sand out the scratches, and then buff the gold to a smooth and shiny exterior. While it sounds simple, it is a tedious process that requires skill and products that are only available to professional jewelers.

Improper care and wear of gold hoop earrings results in irreparable damage. Owners must remove their gold hoop earrings prior to physical activity and remember that their earrings require proper handling to prevent damage. 

Incorrect Action with Gold Hoop Earrings 


Correct Action with Gold Hoop Earrings 


Soap scum causes a film to develop on the earrings and damages gold's finish 

Remove the earrings prior to showering 


Chlorine weakens gold's structure, leading to breakage 

Remove the earrings prior to swimming 


Bending, breaking, or losing the earrings 

Remove the earrings prior to all physical exercise 


Bending the earrings; body oils dull gold's finish, leading to professional cleaning 

Remove the earrings prior to sleeping 

Storing them with all jewelry 

Scratches and tarnishing from other jewelry and metals 

Store gold hoop earrings separately or with a cloth separating them from other jewelry 

To prevent damage and properly care for gold hoop earrings, remove them before all activity, whether sleeping or exercising. Different metals interact chemically when stored together; therefore storing gold hoop earrings separately allows for less damage to occur and keeps them tarnish-free. 

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