Storing Charms


1. Choose a Jewelry Box With Sturdy Exterior and Soft Interior
The jewelry box should be able to defend against external pressure to prevent damage by the surrounding elements. The soft interior will prevent the item from being damaged and help it maintain its original luster. A soft fabric pouch may be used for travel if there is not enough space to pack a box with a hard exterior. The jewelry box should have multiple compartments for all types of jewelry. Some jewelry boxes are designed to match existing décor, and some may have locks.

2. Use Zip-Lock Bags for Storage
People who travel frequently do not have to be without their jewelry. Zip-lock bags are not only useful for storing food, but the bags are also useful for storing jewelry and keep jewelry from damage. Zip-lock bags fold easily and can be placed easily between clothing items to provide the softness necessary to keep necklaces from developing kinks and rings from being chipped.

3. Clean Jewelry After Each Use

After each use, jewelry should be cleaned. Wipe jewelry with a soft cloth to remove dirt and sweat. Then, store the jewelry in a storage container of choice. Every four to six months, sterling silver jewelry should be cleaned with a silver glaze, but be careful to avoid getting this substance on the gemstones or pearls. Jeweler's rouge should be used to clean gold jewelry.

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STORING SILVER: An airtight space is the most tarnish-resistant storage method for silver bracelets. Many jewelry boxes are lined with tarnish-deflecting fabric, which will keep it clean for a while. But air does creep in, and tarnish results. Wrap a silver charm in a silver cloth and store it in a sealed plastic bag to keep it shiny and free of tarnish.


  • Do not put the jewelry directly into a plastic bag or allow it to touch the plastic. 

  • Do not wrap the jewelry in tissue paper.

  • Keep silver pieces away from each other by storing them separately.

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